Welcome to mini-hackathon

NODA15 starts Thursday January 29 with a mini-hackathon at 18:00 –22:00!

We are inviting all participants to enter, and the different media houses in particular (most of you have already been contacted about this).  We want teams with 3-5 people. Single participants can team up at the start of the event – and hopefully there is room for everybody who is interested. But please feel free to hook up with each other – we will publish the list of those who has signed up some time after lunch Thursday. It is possible to join at the start of the event – but please be there 15 minutes before we start. You can contact me during the day also.

We encourage everyone to register their interest in participation before lunch Thursday.

We are hosting a laidback session, with focus on creativity, sharing and learning from each other. The theme for the event is traffic data. We will provide a set of data sources, but the teams are free to choose their tools and solutions. The outcome can be anything from draft concepts to prototypes – presented to the jury in the format you choose, and as a presentation in front of the conference on Saturday for the winning team. (For those who wants to polish the work during Friday, that is possible.)

We are looking for innovative data journalism project based on traffic data. Projects must have the potential to reveal significant social effects, for example on accidents, transport economics, environment etc. The intro to the event will introduce some current challenges that can be used, but teams choose topic completely free.

Top of mind suggestions:

  • Which external factors have most impact on the number of traffic accidents?
  • Which vehicle / car types are most prone to accidents, and how does this coincide with safety tests?
  • Which cities are most traffic effective – number passenger on time and money?
  • How should an optimal «warning app» for road formulated? ++


17:45 – 18:00 : Team registration

18:00 – 18:20  : Welcome, practical info, synopsis of NRKdit.no project

18:30 – 22:00 : Teamwork in dedicated areas

22:00 – 22:30 : <5 min lightning talk presenting each concept, data sets and tools used


08:30 : Deadline for handing in powerpoint explaining the conecpt to the jury.

08:30 : <5 min presentation for jury by all teams.

16:00 – 16:45 : Presentation of winner concepts and NODA Awards

Room: Gange Rolv B, close to the lobby and break area.

Concepts should use available data sources, but can also show potential in not yet available data, including how these can be made available.

Se attached file with sources: noda15_mini-hack_datasources

The goal is to learn from each other, watching how different professional and creative minds approach data to find stories and a way to tell them, through a selection of tools and methods.

…and of course there will be a price for the best solution – in the form of honour, visibility on the conference and a veeeeery exclusive t-shirt 🙂

Hackathon host: Rune Smistad, mob. 90093739,rune@ncemedia.no – available all Thursday and Friday until 14

Looking forward to seeing you!

On behalf of the NODA comittee

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